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Yoga is for EVERY BODY. Every class I teach, be it a more physical YogaStream practice, or a more relaxing restorative flow, is meant to be adaptable for all bodies and abilities, and will meet and help grow your fitness level.
Samantha Bassler, owner

Who we are.

Samantha Bassler

Samantha Bassler

Owner | Instructor

In 2015, Samantha earned the 200-HR Yoga Teacher Training certificate through YogaStream, which is a Yoga Alliance-certified program directed by Lara Heimann. In 2014, Samantha received the certification of Yoga Guide in the 200-Hr Ready to Lead training program of Strala Yoga in Soho, NYC, studying under Tara Stiles, Mike Taylor, and Heidi Kristoffer. Samantha co-owns and manages Stellar Yoga Space with her husband, Eric Bintner. She is also owner of Stellar Music Space in Fort Greene (est. 2011), and is a published academic in the field of musicology.

Shayna Skarf

Shayna Skarf

Yoga Instructor

Shayna Skarf, PhD, RYT-200, began her yoga journey in Mumbai in 1999, where she practice Iyengar yoga, and her commitment to yoga has grown over 15 years and across continents. Yoga became her saving grace in graduate school where she spent countless hours hunched over books and in front of her computer. After completing a PhD in English, she decided to pursue her true passion: Forrest Yoga. She completed her 200-hour teacher training in 2014 with master yogini, Ana Forrest, and currently teaches yoga in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Her classes combine deep breathing, powerful core work, dynamic sequences, and sustained postures into a rigorously physical and internally focused, inspiring practice. Shayna teaches with excitement and compassion and is honored to share yoga’s sacred tools of transformation.

Ashley Newsome

Ashley Newsome

Yoga Instructor

IntenSati is my antidote for depression. Yoga, is my antidote for honesty. From time to time I suffer from deep depression. During my darkest time I somehow stumbled into an IntenSati class. That one class, forever, changed the game for me. I kept on coming back again and again and again. The combination of movement fueled by spoken affirmations showed me that I have power over my thoughts. I can choose my thoughts and that what I choose to focus my attention on has an effect on EVERYTHING. And so I began to choose happiness and through my commitment to the practice of IntenSati I was pulled out of my deep depression.

Then more yoga came along. It started out as a way to get stronger safely and in balance with what I was already doing but soon I began to experience yoga’s other supportive ways. Yoga gave me a safe place to explore myself, to grow and to expand. This exploration gave me more knowledge about myself. This new found knowledge allowed for me to begin to speak and act from a place of truth off the mat. Simply, yoga has made me a more honest person.

Yoga wants you. It’s looking for you to share yourself just as you are and if you’re searching and wish to explore further, yoga will let you do that. I love the technique of yoga, so we start there then I guide you to move beyond the mat to a place that only you know-- a place that goes far beyond any instruction I may be able to offer so you too can find your truth.

Katie Skau

Katie Skau

Yoga Instructor

Katie Skau completed her 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training in 2015 with Sacred Studio Brooklyn studying under Stephanie Battle and Dara Cole. As an artist, yoga gave Katie a new way to express creativity through movement and has brought her on a journey of self discovery and transformation. Always learning and forever a student, she hopes to share the gifts yoga has given her: love for yourself, the freedom to explore your body and mind, and an open heart.

Katie lives in Brooklyn and received her BFA in Illustration and Design from Pratt Institute.

Adriana Bateh

Adriana Bateh

Yoga Instructor

I began my yoga practice by completing a 30 day Bikram yoga challenge with a friend of mine. We spontaneously signed up for the challenge as part of a New Year's resolution. I didn't have many expectations when I began my yoga practice. I didn't play sports in school, I was never an athlete, and I wasn't even very flexible. In the beginning of my Bikram challenge, I looked around the room in awe as I saw other yogis effortlessly perform poses that I thought seemed impossible. I never let this get me down. In fact, as I was practicing, I would simply tell myself, "That's not for me. I'm not a yogi. I'm not a dancer. I'm not an athlete. I can't do that." I thought that I was being practical, but I didn't realize that I was putting limitations on myself. I was inhibiting my own growth by telling myself these poses were impossible. Outside of the yoga room, I had also been inhibiting my personal growth, scared to take action in my own life. Over time, the yoga began to work on me. At the end of the 30 days, I made remarkable progress and changes that I never even anticipated. I became so much more comfortable and in-tune with my body. I started wearing less clothing in the hot room, and I was no longer ashamed of what I saw in the mirror. I learned, through the strength and power of my own body, that I was limitless... my life was limitless... and anything and everything was possible and open for me to try. I continued to grow my yoga practice with constant curiosity, exploring my body and getting to know myself even better. In 2013, I found my way to Sacred Brooklyn, where I eventually completed my 200 hour Vinyasa yoga teacher training. I now regularly practice yoga from a variety of disciplines, including heated Vinyasa, Baptiste, and Jivamukti. Yoga, for me, has been a beautiful process of self liberation. I was keeping my soul locked in a cage, and with each practice, I feel myself opening up like a flower petal blooming. As a teacher, my goal is to help others find liberation and love for themselves. My classes contain a mix of sensual poses and powerful flows, set to a soundtrack that blends R&B, trip hop and soul. I encourage students both to mindfully embrace challenge and to luxuriate in the sensations of their own bodies. When we open our hearts to the world, the love flows back.

Madelyn Zins

Madelyn Zins

Yoga Instructor

I have dedicated my life to learning about learning, and the learning I've shared in community through yoga has been some of the most transformative I've ever witnessed. It is my hope to continue giving back such opportunities to grow through my teaching. I received my 200-hr teacher certification through Sacred Brooklyn in 2017 and now teach Vinyasa Flow classes. I also teach children's yoga in microschools across NYC. I come to yoga with experience in dance, theater, and competitive running, so I have spent time learning my body’s power and I love sharing this experience of self study with my students. I also come to yoga as a nature educator and love helping students connect to their environments and to their true nature.

Potential student, you may have come to this bio after reading tens of others, or on your way to doing so. You may be looking for the bio that feels "just right" to support you into the room and onto the mat. But words on a page cannot do that for you. Only you can do that for you. And if you do, and if I'm there too, let's get curious about light. About dark. About work. About ease. About breath, body, mind. About spirit. About words and silence, and who lives in each of yours. Let's agree to leave time at the door and show up for us. For you. Because you are worth it. May you always find your class and, in doing so, may you always find the path home to you.

Emily Perillo

Emily Perillo

Yoga Instructor

Emily is a 200-hour Vinyasa Certified Yoga Teacher and a Baptiste Kids Certified Yoga Teacher. She discovered yoga in her early adult life after leaving the dance world. Yoga became a tool to which she was able to quiet her mind through both the spiritual and physical asana practice. She feels comfortable working with all ages and understands the anatomy of the body. Emily is experienced working with clients who are either recovering or currently dealing with an injury while providing modifications and assistance.

Her teaching style is very athletic with high energy and is formatted for all skill levels. Her classes are a combination of creative sequencing with an essence of playfulness. She incorporates an energetic flow into her teaching style while providing alignment cues and breathe work. Her aim as a yoga instructor is to create a safe fun place where practitioners feel supported. You will leave the class feeling physically challenged and at ease.

Brandilee Coon

Brandilee Coon

Yoga Instructor

Brandilee completed her 200-hour Power Yoga teacher training in 2016 with Amazing Yoga (Yoga Alliance certified program based in Pittsburgh, PA). Her passion for yoga is only matched by her passion for travel which explains why she completed her Level 1 training in Tulum, Mexico and Level 2 training in Nosara, Costa Rica. To Brandilee, the essence of yoga and travel are the same: they deepen your relationship with yourself and the world around you. The interconnectivity between self and community is imperative to understanding this thing called life. Her classes focus on bringing the community together through celebrating individuality and the present moment.

Additionally, Brandilee is an advocate for women’s health issues. Her personal journey with endometriosis and yoga go hand-in-hand and she strives to help other Endo Warriors find peace with their symptoms through asana and meditation. Off her mat, Brandilee is a sports TV producer and an activist for animal rights and wildlife conservation.

Styles taught at Stellar Yoga Space


YogaStream blends traditional vinyasa poses with functional movement, beginning with core integration, and moving through sun salutations and sequences organised to strengthen and lengthen a particular body part. YogaStream was invented by yoga teacher and physical therapist, Lara Heimann.
Styles taught at Stellar Yoga Space

Forrest Yoga

Created by Ana Forrest 40 years ago to address the demands of a modern lifestyle, Forrest Yoga is a practice designed to free up physical and emotional blocks in the body, with modifications available to every pose to suit all levels of students. The practice emphasizes how to connect to the breath, build strength from what parts of the poses are most accessible, and learn to respond honestly to sensations as a source of insight. We start with deep breathing to open tight spots, follow with reclining core work to deepen awareness, then move to long holds to heat the body and integrate physical strength with the power of the breath.
Styles taught at Stellar Yoga Space


Yoga Style

A broad classification of yoga, which involves linking poses with the breath and moving continuously through sequences of poses. At Stellar Yoga Space, we offer variations of vinyasa yoga from teachers trained through lineages such as YogaStream, Forrest Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, and Sacred Brooklyn.

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What is
Stellar Yoga Space?

Yoga Space

We feature daily yoga classes, host yoga teachers’ classes, and lead workshops. Drop in for a class or sign-up in advance online through MINDBODY app.

Wellness Space

Stellar Yoga Space is a health & wellness studio and community space promoting well-being and healing modalities in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. We also work with other health and wellness practitioners, such as massage therapists, theta healers, hypnotherapists, acupuncturists, meditation teachers, and more.

Arts Space

We keep a rotating art selection on our walls and host openings for the artists during the final month of their showing. We also host events curated by guests and rentals. Events be posted on our Facebook page: Arts At Stellar Yoga Space

The Space Itself

SYS has 600 sq/ft of open space for the main room and features a bamboo on recycled rubber floating floor to minimize joint stress. We have 3 changing rooms, blocks, boulsters, blankets, etc, availble to use and yoga mats available to rent.

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